Just finished my successful visiting at Boston city!!! Wow, I must to say that was unexpected unbelievable undiscrivable experience, the city in self it's very beautiful, the area where I stayed, fantastic with all that I needed by hand ... There I found a few unfuckbelievable friends, I prefer that term...( friend), [more...]
Now that we met again after the lovely M&G Party ,and had a great and deep intimacy, I like to add some comments, I have to say that you surprised me with such huge elegance, the time we spent together was a outstanding evening for me, your great company, driven [more...]
May 18 2015

Mr. Charming

I got this phone call, believe or not, I was again on the restaurant. I answered the phone and there I heard a charming voice the other side of the line.He gave me the impression of beeing a very well educated man.We have a little conversation on the phone about [more...]