May 18 2015

Mr. Charming

I got this phone call, believe or not, I was again on the restaurant. I answered the phone and there I heard a charming voice the other side of the line.He gave me the impression of beeing a very well educated man.We have a little conversation on the phone about different subjects, and he asked me if I would like to have a company while I was eating and drink my fabulous Barolo Italian Red Wine. I was almost on the end, so I said that would be better, to call hem when I was back in. Y hotel room.We agreed and that is what I did, right after get back, I send a sms, and he invited me to go over, we close the deal and I cald the taxi. On my way to his house, I remembered that I didn't have condones, so I stop by 7/11, got those and finally, I went to the destination. Paid the taxi, and contacted him, which his came down to recept me... He is that good looking young Norwegian Viking, handsome, atractive and successful, on the oil business in Stavanger. We smoke some weed, and after get stoned and wild, we start the action, erection, connection... I dont know about you all, but I, when smoke a good joint, I get so fucking horny, and everything became doubles, good... We were sitting at the black leather couch, I wearing at that time a pearl black sex legging and order I have this marvelous sex out fit which make and death male human come a life again.heheheh, love to tease moments !!!! He started to take slowly (like should be in that specific situation), my clothes off, and when He sow the order super surpising sexy black outfit, he could not hold the sponteneous reaction that came a cross. He holded me even near, and pushes my hand to feel it the hard erection that it cames literally from the fantasy that he got from those spicy scene. Immediately, I got turned on, and claim for his jeans out, which he didn't do to tease me a little... He was really into the picture !!!! I felt even more excited, and insisted, I said " let me see those legs and feel against my skin", he said " Noooo, let ME, enjoy a little more what I see". So, I gave up, and I started to turn on side to the other, making a tease spectacle with a sensual poses, and dance performance. He strong hugged me and move his tongue right, left, center... This sex out fit that I was wearing, was a very practical thing, I Could take my underwear without mess up with my looking, so he took my underwear, as a matter of fact, he didn't, he pushed a side first, and he sensitive slow begin to kiss all the areas around my vagina. By that time I was so wet from the warm up, and when he spell in the near areas, I felt as fire burning my soul. I loud yell words: " fucking hell heaven God" " what a fuck good feeling, what joy, baby, lick this pussy please baby, pleaseeee!!!!!