Jun 13 2015

A long expected date with Boysfriend Boston

Now that we met again after the lovely M&G Party ,and had a great and deep intimacy, I like to add some comments, I have to say that you surprised me with such huge elegance, the time we spent together was a outstanding evening for me, your great company, driven by an incredible atmosphere and sense of humors, which brought me a spontaneous satisfaction reaction! I met this nice gentleman, nick name BoysFriend which is today one more lovely friend, at this chic restaurant down to my currently hotel in Boston, where I am visiting for the moment. We have had it a few drinks, lot of chat, laugh, and talked even with strangers, remember? All the Guys was so jealous of you Dear, they all tried to call my attention, but I was your Well, I exchanged a few visit cards, just to keep the sympathetic spirit! lol Was a cool evening, we took long and relaxing walk, he showed me the famous streets,and so on, was a beautiful evening, after that we got back to my room for some expected intimy experience... He went straight to the shower, to refresh, was warm this night... I was in bed nude and fresh waiting for his approach, which didn't took so long to happen! he grabbed me, and we started to kiss each other very passionate, I walked through his body with my lovely tongue, until I reached his big, tasty and hard cock... Yummi that is for me the best part, I do loooooove to suck, and suck more, deep, until tears came out of my eyes and I choke !! He penetrated me in all imaginary position, but the best I guess, was when I ridded on top back words, so he could see my ass, and my back, which he said that, "how incredible defined muscles, fucking hot Baby"... We played around for some good time, but than the best part happen, when I sucked that hardy again after the penetration, and he come deep into my deep troath! Very creamer lol He did a super great performance, in and out and the bed, you are definitely a sweetheart Honey !!! You score 10 on my list! I am glad that we met and became a good friends, happy that we have this great chemistry, and, I am really hope to see you every time I am around... keep cool :) I still have your taste... !!!! lol Many wet kisses, from your sexy Raicca

bosfriend: 2015-06-13 17:36:27
It was an awesome experience first meeting you at the CT Meet