Jun 17 2015

Good bye Boston

Just finished my successful visiting at Boston city!!! Wow, I must to say that was unexpected unbelievable undiscrivable experience, the city in self it's very beautiful, the area where I stayed, fantastic with all that I needed by hand ... There I found a few unfuckbelievable friends, I prefer that term...( friend), because in the end of the day, it's that what they turn... Boston, have the best lickers ever, I have to say, nothing agains to my lickers in NYC and in Norway, but Boston Guys have something's more specific when come to that topic, licking. To be a good licker you need more than experience and wiiliness, you need resistance and passion for the act! Lick it's much more than condition, and to like a pussy, it's an art, the amazing art of licking !!! Many are into that, and thinking they know what they doing, but very few are good on that task for sure. With all my modesty, I have a pussy that it's very easy to follow in love when you taste it, she is wet for nature, have a excited smell and very sweet juice, they usually say that, so, as long I am concern, I can help a lot a good performance !!!! Lol But the Boston Guys that I have the pleasure to meet, went beyond my expectation, and that trip became a pleasurable experience for me. I don't remember to have had it so many orgasm, I mean many and long, as I had in that trip. Sometimes, I got the impression that I was on normally date, where I could let the pleasure take control of me and relax... Sometimes, I wanted try to swift and do the oral party on my friend, but I don't have much success on that. The lickers was so busy with giving me pleasure, and by every orgasm, because I can have many and long as I said before, didn't want miss that reaction from me. You know those reactions that made your intire body trill in a way that you lost completely the control? Yeah that's right, it's that I am talking about it !!!! Got few moments I have a scene of Walterfall where all around was completely wet... Anyway, I will keep that on my mind forever, because memories and orgasm are the same, one time activated difficult to forget! However, I want say thanks for those who gave me that immensely time of pleasure, and I hope that I match somehow that too! Hope see you sometime again, my Boston Boys !! Stay sexy and keep play that hobbie, because it's very stimulating and important for your mind, body and spirit !!! Loves and care Raicca